Proclaiming the Simple Truth of the Gospel through music - Jesus Loves, Died, and LIVES for YOU and ME! 
 Simple Truth 

About Simple Truth

“All you wayward children come listen to my song.  All you brokenhearted come and sing along.  Today is the day, it’s the year of jubilee and in the Name of Jesus I now proclaim you free!”

“Simple Truth He offers us, sweet simplicity.  Simple Truth He offers us, Jesus loves, died and lives for you and me!”

In these two songs rests the heart of Simple Truth’s music.  We are committed to communicating through song, the simple truth of the gospel and seeing the Children of God set free through the WORD.  Through scripturally based, doctrinally sound lyrics in a folk style, Simple Truth seeks to convey the Love of God to all persons.  All of the songs are original works written, composed and arranged by the members of the group. 

All ages - small children to older adults alike and all personal tastes in style have enjoyed these songs.  The harmonies are like old friends and reminiscent of the 60’s, however, the music is altogether new and different from the majority of the market today.  We are humbled by the fact that our music is enjoyed in foreign lands.

As the world continues to groan in expectation for the return of Christ, Simple Truth seeks to encourage, edify and lift up the waiting Bride.  We welcome you to our website; please feel free to contact us.  Currently there are 3 albums available, "The Truth", "There'll Come A Time", and "Child of the Manger" .

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